Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What am I reading today?

Finance & Economics

On The Descent Into A Weimar Reality - More and more pundits claim that the true historical analog to our current tumultuous times are not the days after 1929, but the period between 1919 and 1923 in post WW I Germany, also known as th Weimar Republic.

With Everyone Expressing Their Fake Support For The Euro, Iran Is Now Openly Dumping €45 Billion - Iran's central bank will sell 45 billion euros from its reserves to buy dollars and gold ingots, a report on the website of state-owned Press TV said on Wednesday.

How Much Economic Growth Is “Artificial”? - Add it up and only one quarter of the last seven (Q4 2009) has been able to show real growth in excess of government stimulus.

Trading and Investments

The Ultimate Hedge in Economic Crisis - Consider health care the ultimate hedge in times of economic crisis. Not only is it the last area that people cut back, it doesn't lose value in good times, as gold does. As a percentage of our economy, health care overshadows sectors that are far more subject to economic fluctuations, such as energy.


US Attorney General Launches Criminal, Civil Investigation Into BP Oil Spill - It's about that time for someone to ask a few questions of BP former Chairman Peter Denis Sutherland (until January 2010), who just happens to be a non-executive director of Goldman Sachs, which incidentally sold just under 5 million shares, or nearly 40% of their BP stake, in the quarter ended March 31?

Libertarian Warren Redlich blasts Republican opponents for supporting Democrats in the past - Libertarian Party nominee for Governor of New York Warren Redlich took some shots at his Republican opponents for having supported Democrats in past elections.

"There Are too Many Bureaucrats, and They Are Paid too Much" - The Center for Freedom and Prosperity's latest video looks at how a large part of the soaring federal and state government debt is due to a massive, overpaid bureaucracy.

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