Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Investment Newsletter coming this week!!

Starting this week Absolute Investments will be writing a weekly newsletter that will be published every Sunday night. It will give our technical and economic analysis, as well as two different portfolios to follow, one long only and one long short. The portfolios will only trade ETFs so as to to limit company specific risk and add to broad diversification. Look forward to it. If you'd like to subscribe to the newsletter just e-mail me at branthammer@gmail.com.

A quick update: Our last post was back in December where we identified a range breakout on the S&P 500 and predicted higher prices. That prediction came true. Today I'll provide two charts, the daily (short-term) chart and the longer term weekly S&P 500 chart. I'll explain more in this weeks newsletter, but the charts do a fairly decent job giving a market picture themselves.

S&P 500 Daily Chart

S&P 500 Weekly Chart

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