Friday, December 11, 2009

Just a funny thought....what does Bernie Madoff do in prison?

Sometimes I just wonder what it would like to be in prison. It would be horrible right? Men making moves toward you, either for a fight or homosexual activity or both. Just scary in my opinion.

So what happens to a billionaire when he goes to prison?

Can he buy a pass out of harms way?

Does he still eat the horrible meals, do the physical labor?

Does he work in the kitchen? Or does he work in the laundry department?

I imagine it looks something like this:

Has he been accepted by the penal community? What does Madoff REALLY do in prison?


Yes, apparently the hard life of incarceration isn't to bad for Bernie Madoff. He enjoys male companionship, delicious wraps, and his fair share of marijuana. Maybe we should all start a ponzi scheme right?'s true, Bernie still lives the "high" life.

So while Mr. Madoff waste away in prison what is the economy doing? I'll leave you with one chart to make your own interpretation.

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