Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Model Portfolio Update - 11/04/2009

This is the first update to our model portfolio. Today I will discuss the format for this portfolio. I will maintain a portfolio, starting with $100,000, on In this portfolio I will be able to:

  • Buy stocks (bet on a price rise)
  • Sell stocks short (bet on a price fall)
  • Sit in cash
  • Buy bonds or bond equivalents (bond ETFs)

This is not a mutual fund. I do not have to stay 60% invested and my entire portfolio can consist on one single stock if I deem it necessary. One thing to keep in mind:

  • This portfolio should not be taken as investment advice. I am not a financial advisor, and I am not telling anyone to follow my actions. This portfolio is strictly to demonstrate my investment style. If you see something you like, please do your own due diligence before acting.

Anyway, tomorrow I will provide a link where the portfolio can be seen 24 hours a day (with a 20 minute delay). I will post updates on a daily basis and will give my buy and sell signals the night before they are executed. I will also periodically post my current watch list of stocks.

As of tonight I will not be taking any positions tomorrow. Right now I am feeling pretty bearish, however, I feel the bulls could stage one last rally attempt (since the Fed isn't tightening) before the ship sinks. Let's wait and see what happens tomorrow and I will leave you with my current watch list.


Allocation: 100% Cash

Bullish Watchlist
Company Symbol Why?
Global Ship Lease GSL Soros Owns it (very speculative)
Curis, Inc CRIS Takeover Rumor
Energy Conversion Devices ENER Takeover Rumor

Bearish Watchlist
Company Symbol Why?
Citigroup C $10 tax defferal due in Q-4
Cisco CSCO
Gold GLD
Silver SLV
E-House Holdings EJ
Atheros Communications ATHR
Cninsure CISG
International Business Machines IBM
Baidu Inc BIDU
Qualcomm Inc QCOM

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