Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Redesigning the Blog

Right now we are currently working on a format for the blog which we will follow daily. We have a few ideas right now:

  • Model Portfolio - we will manage a model portfolio that anyone can follow. We will give our recommendations the night before we make a move and provide a link where anyone can check out portfolio and performance at anytime.
  • Daily Market Commentary - provide our comments on the current direction of the stock market on a daily basis.
  • Weekly Market Commentary - comprehensive summary of where we think the market is heading during the next week and the weeks ahead.
  • What Are We Reading? - provide links daily to articles we are reading and find interesting.

We will also be creating 5 or 6 post that are essential reads to understand our way of thinking and how we do our analysis. Without taking the time to read these post you will more than likely be lost reading our daily and weekly commentaries. These will be coming our within the next few days to a week.

If you have anything else you are interested in us writing about feel free to e-mail us.

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