Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What I'm Reading Today?

Why Keep Geithner? (BP) - Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner has clearly not performed his duties to the American people. Why is he still around?

How Goldman Bet on a Housing Crash? (BP) - A huge and sobering piece of investigation into Goldman Sachs and the fraud it committed from 2000 to 2007.

Lack of Green Energy Manufacturing Capability in U.S. Means 84% of Stimulus Goes to Foreign Firms (Fund My Mutual Fund) - This will make you flat out mad. American stimulus - creating 300 temporary jobs in America, and 30 real ones... and 2000 in China.

The King Report: Brooksley Born vs. Summers, Greenspan, & Rubin
(BP) - Born’s story and Summers alleged retort is proof that US solons knew that there was a massive fraud in the derivative market and US financial institutions for at least a decade.

Janet Tavakoli Is Kicking Ass (It's Good To See Someone Do It) (MISH) - Pretty serious accuastions against Timothy Geithner and the New York Federal Reserve Bank. The FRBNY may have unnecessarily cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars.

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